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The First Full-Featured Communications Platform Designed Specifically for The Cruise Industry

  • Patent-pending cellular over Wi-Fi technology
  • Users send/receive calls and messages with their own cellular phone number
    • APP connects to CruiseCall NOC
    • NOC connects to cellular carriers
    • Eliminates roaming fees.  No bill shock.
  • Android + Apple iOS
  • Calls, SMS, MMS, ad insertion, location-based services, API to other onboard concierge services

Key Benefits

Benefits for the Cruise Line

Benefits for Passengers

CruiseCall turns a pain point into an enhanced cruise experience. Customers no longer need to fear using their cell phone on ship, and can now reach home without egregious fees and stay connected with their friends and family on ship throughout their trip.  

  • Stay in touch, stress free
  • Advanced messaging features
  • Unlimited communications onboard, low cost ship-to-shore. No bill shock!

For Cruise Lines, Cruise Call replaces existing, expensive cellular service and generates additional revenue immediately. 

  • Zero cost
  • Control over pricing and service options
  • Enhanced crew communications
  • Location tracking for passengers and crew.
  • API to concierge systems
  • Excellent platform for promotions